«Education Center»  training center facilitates various training procedures and lessons which develop the skills required in finding a job in today’s labor market. A vast number of specialists graduated from this training center, now successfully work both in various Armenian companies and the CIS countries, as well. The costs are available to everybody, teaching methods are thoroughly worked out, teaching materials and textbooks are provided by the Center free of charge. The lessons are made both in a standard and accelerate way. The center has adopted discount politics for all students. Foreign literature, foreign films and other training stuff are provided in the library of the center. Highly qualified working staff provides with best teaching techniques and consultations if necessary. Applying the best international experiences and innovations, the center always renovates both the methods and means of teaching.

The main objectives are.

1. To organise and hold various educational and consultative programs such as courses of studies, labour meetings and round tables based on financial, legal-economic, taxation, customs needs of different individuals.

2. To provide with sutable conditions for those who take the services of the center.

The center cooperates with the leading companies of the market. At the end of the study course the best students are allowed to be employed by them beforehand being tested and estimated by them.

The following subjects are taught in "Educational Planet" Training Center:

1. computer studies: basic course and special course

2. Studies of foreign languages

3. Accountant courses. 1C, АrmSoft

4. Banking courses

5. Guide-translator courses

6. International tourism courses

7. Office work

8. Table design and canopy fourchette, Pastry baking, Sweet bouquets made of candies, Fruitopia

9. Floristics (Flower art)

10. Cooking,

11. Wedding design /candles, baskets, main accessories/


Graduation certificate is given, We support you to get a job!